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Building a Business System!

I wanted to tell you who I am and what I will be contributing to the member of the SandBox through my participation.  I will be teaching anyone that wants to learn how to create a business product, enrollment and delivery system!  I will be sharing with you how to take your business from an idea to having a product you can enroll other in and sell on your custom website.  We will be taking a book, free report, Video or manifesto to inspire and enroll potential clients,  a enrollment and capture tool (called a Squeeze Page) linked to a list builder (auto responder list builder) all controlled by a website that has Search Engine Optimization and a custom blog.  This is all tied into your e-commerce and shopping cart.  You’ll have a way to enroll your client into buying your product or others products you sell on your site.

You system is simple, they will desire to have the outcome, you have enrolled them in having, in their life, right now!  By purchasing your video or audio series their life will be better.   You will have a business with a list of clients in an email marketing system.  You’ll have a online list building, enrolling, information distributing, business marketing machine, to present as many opportunities to have a better life through knowing you as you want.  And Make Money at it!

Simply put you will have a rock star, Enrollment, Delivery, Opportunity, Existence, communication and Sales online based business 30 days.  You will be making a difference providing, finding, and creating the content that will change your client’s lives.

It will be a fun ride. That is what you can count on from me.

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