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The Rules of Sandbox!




The First Rule of SandBox: "We Talk about SandBox”


The Second Rule of SandBox: “We Share our toys in the SandBox”. Our Toys are our Abilities, Resources, and Skills


The Third Rule of SandBox: “We play full out in the SandBox” leaving nothing untried, undone or unsaid


The Forth Rule of SandBox: “Our SandBox time is important” we respect it and our playmates


The Fifth Rule of SandBox: “We play big games in the SandBox” Everyone is a superhero


The Sixth Rule of SandBox: “If you crash in the SandBox if doesn’t hurt”; there is always a playmates hand to help you up


The Seventh Rule of SandBox: “You must play hard and get your hands dirty”! If you can’t stomach the mud you’re not SandBox material


The Eight Rule of SandBox: “Sandbox is a community so assist and accept assistance from your playmates”! We give assistance because we're superheroes, Da!


The Ninth Rule of SandBox : “We are not attached to outcomes: We are just committed to the Amazing!”


The Tenth Rule of SandBox: “Love Everyone”  The first rule of having an outrageously unbelievable life Thanks Mom

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