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Remember when anything was possible.

Anything is possible when you have a good plan, imagination and belief, and you take the concerns and problems created by us in our minds, out of the way.  An 8 year old kids playing don’t have concerns if they can build a castle, fort, a home, or  a farm in the sandbox.  they just build it and it is what they say.  and The sandbox is the long talked about creation of Tom Winand.  That’s  Me,  the Admin of the!  I have discussed with my old pals from TMLP that we should create a group to generate our lives, like we learned and created in old TMLP; without all the extra work of supporting the Communication Program.

So I’m creating a like minded mastermind group of transformed people standing for each other to have anything they want in life.  In reality it’s a structure that is based on practices to plan and create your games and tracking with a group of committed listener that holds you to account for your word in the world.  I have seen the power of the so innocently constructed last sentence.  It is every aspect of the most powerful tools available to take a possibility and make it a reality in the world.  No Shit you can say x, in a moment of tantric transformational bliss, know as the breakthrough and that innocent little sentence applied with integrity in a team setting, will take that really great transformational feeling or thought and make it real in your life.

This long talked about project of mine is proof of the reality is real in the world concept.  It’s now a reality (real in the world created in a conversation with others, “that’s you”).  All this is not in front of you because I had a Jerry McGuire moment, I was at yet another info business conference and was getting pitch a system, and I said if I’m going to do what I learned I need a team, tribe, or group to move that forward in reality.  Da,  the world shifted and I was off registering a new Domain Life’s Sandbox.

Why a team? Why not just build my new business site?  Because it allow everyone to move beyond their own vision of what they can accomplish and step into the listening of your team.  My friend Brett Adams once so eloquently demonstrated this tom, in a moment of me being transformed back to being a small child that couldn’t read in elementary school.  As I continued to ask like a child, he flung the format from my hand, he said something I will never forget, “Step into my listening of you.”  Right then as I saw the format floating into a urinal, and I got it.    I’m big enough in his eyes to do anything; I’m literally unstoppable in his listening of me.  Since in my world my listening of me was, I couldn’t read let alone generate the format, My listening was that of a 7 year old that couldn’t read and was just hoping to make it to survive another day of humiliation.  I was torturing that 9 year old, standing there reading into a mirror, I got that if it was going to shift I had to step into his listening or die!  That’s the magic of the team.  You listen and see from others view of who you are in there world, which is usually much more powerful place than your view!

As I listened to the group talk about taking a business form an Idea to a real business with a strategy product and delivery system that makes money, I said I can do that, I don’t need them charging lots of money.  I could do that!   I know what they are talking about.  I can take a business and monetize it. I can create sellable products, in a progressive step system to take an interest person and make them a client and then a raving fans or coaching client.  I hear them talking about creating a book or eBook, capture marketing, build lists with auto responders, squeeze page and audio or video program webinar.  I said I can do that all by myself.

Than as loud as Brett was in my face, I heard the 9 year say no you can’t, you can’t do anything!  He is right I have been talking thinking and dreaming about this for years.  Sure I know it I know every little piece of it.   You’re looking at one right now.  Know it doesn’t make a difference.  Talk is cheap, Dreaming is Cheaper, there has been no movement, just a big head game of internal dialogue and nothing to show for it, for years.  I said I can do everything they are talking about even the pod method of creating a group of like minded individuals to share idea and create their dreams.  So I was moved and ready to sign up, right to the point when they said this 1 year program was only $15,000.  We have an easy payment plan of $3,000 now and $2,000 an month for 6 months or something like that.  To be honest, I checked out because of the $.

So I said wow a new business, sell people a system to create their business and I’ll charge $2,0000 doing it and I’ll be able to pay my mortgage and live happier ever after.  I remembered that when I take it on, it goes nowhere when I operate from love and team, I am powerful beyond my own beliefs.  We all are!

Here it is, a group that takes what I know about creating a game by applying the concepts of structure of GAME or broken down, practices, displays, scoreboard, events, milestones, actions, conversations, resources, committed listening, coach, standing in the future looking back at your accomplishment, oh yes possibility and put that into a structured setting that is a practice to creating a road map to have your possibility a reality.   I also know that I can do this, and left to myself, I will not do this.  That is where you all come in because our listening of each other is the key.

I had an epiphany that day in the prosperity summit.  That moment of transformational bliss, is now beginning to be a reality, by the action of writing this,  It is a game in motion real when I actually send it.  If you knew how many great marketing plans, I bought made and never pressed send, you would know how true the next statement is.   Reality is when an action produces a result in the world outside of your own mind.  Thanks for accepting that Reality!  Ok now that my ass is hanging out there and now I ask are you inspired to come to the sandbox, play create, teach, learn, contribute,  and play the games you have been talking and dreaming about.  The only cost is your word.  That is of course your most valuable asset and sometime to our selves worthless.  Oh yes, I said that!   So to me your word is gold and worth more than $1,570 an ounce.   To me it’s worth my life and that is the game I’m playing.    So it’s very simple will you step into my listening of what is possible for each and every one of us as a playmate in the sandbox of life.

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