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Good Luck With That! The Island of Forgotten Dreams



Good luck With That!

I've been living my whole life with that,  "tagline" as my context for life.   I know it's kinds of weird,  but my instantaneous response of the voice inside my head was.  Good Luck with That!  In the conversation I would be supportive and all of their possibility.   I know that anything is possible, but when people are declaring they are up to something big like I'm going to feed the hungry,  cure cancer or make a million dollars selling something in network marketing,  my mind says

  1. Where is the structure to keep that possibility alive?
  2. How will you move it along from a good intention to a game people are playing?
  3. Where is your team, your structure for the fulfillment to make your possibility alive, real and living in a game in the world?

Then I listen as if it has a snowball chance in hell of coming to fruition.  Sure I nod and clap and say that great possibility you're going to change the world.  In the end, inevitably, I don't hear a structure I know it will be filed it in the "Good luck with that" file of their life.  Upon the last word of the possibility leaving the room the possibility is banished to The Island of Forgotten Dreams where all of our doomed, unstructured, dreams live in eternity!

It's a new year lets make it one worth living!   let's go to The Island of Forgotten Dreams and grab a couple of our dreams and bring them to Lifes SandBox. Where we structure dreams into games, making our possibilities real and alive in the world.  We create our actions for the next two weeks and declare them to our playmates who listening to them into existence into the world!  Come Play In Life Sandbox a Playground of Committed listening for structure, and actions. 

I declare a new context I'm living it's  Lets structure that game!  It's probably not going to be a big sexy viral T-shirt catchphrase but it's more empowering then Good Luch With That!  

That's the SandBox way!  I'm inviting people up to big things to come play in the SandBox with us.  That's the place where structure happens and dreams become games, games become real, Possibilities get fulfilled in the world.    So the next time I hear, I'm going to create a business so I don't have to worry about my job, I'll say wow,  here's an invite to come play in Life's SandBox.  We have a meeting next week. We're a group of people committed to having the possibility we create in our lives be real and alive!.  As a group, Standing for each other we have the tools and resources to make that happen.  What's your email address!

That sure beats "Good luck with that"

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